Audio Video Unlimited is a national consumer electronics company with more than 90 independently owned franchise store across Canada.

I spent a total of six years at AVU, running the Marketing department and leading a team of designers. The following are a collection of kind words from supervisors, colleagues, team memebers, vendors and franchise store owners.

“Roxane is talented and creative. She made a huge impact on the image of our company, and her “Roxy docs” are a legend at AVU.”

Jim Orr
Audio Video Unlimited

“Roxane is a dedicated team player willing to do what it takes to get the job done. She managed a complex portfolio on our team that demanded great care and attention. Her role to smooth out the bumps and maximize delivery of advertising and marketing campaigns and branding initiatives is legendary to this day. She has a "Step Up and Fix it!" attitude when faced with challenges and adversity inherent in the world of marketing. This approach won her the hearts, minds and respect of her colleagues, partners and business network."

"It was a pleasure to work with Roxane and I would welcome the opportunity to do so again in a heartbeat.”

Paul Canty
VP Business Development
Audio Video Unlimited

“Roxane was a results driven, team player and key member of the Audio Video management team. She was creative, forward thinking and well respected by her direct reports in her role as marketing manager. With our franchise partners, she had real relationships that continued after she left our employment, and it was her relationship skills that helped to contribute to the company’s growth. Roxane is detail orientated and built a reputation for leading edge marketing campaigns. I highly recommend Roxane as a leader, manager and an asset to any company’s team.”

Derek Collier
VP Merchandising
Audio Video Unlimited

“Roxane's creative style and attention to detail is easy to see. Where I saw Roxane's strength was working with her for over 5 years in a highly entrepreneurial team environment at Audio Video Unlimited. Roxane was always up for the challenge; pushing her own barriers and working outside of her comfort zone to get the job done. A definite asset.”

John Grant
VP CI Systems
Audio Video Unlimited

“I had the pleasure of working with Roxane for several months at Audio Video Unlimited where she demonstrated her commitment to excellence, creativity and above all else high integrity. Roxane is a professional who can interact across all levels of the organization and has the ability to motivate her team. Roxane has natural enthusiasm and is a great relationship builder. She is an extremely results oriented performer who is able to understand the pertinent issues of a situation and react to key leverage points that make things happen.”

Julien Gagnon
Director Marketing/Advertising
Audio Video Unlimited

“Roxane is not only a creative and innovative perfectionist but also an inspiring person to work with. She is a creative team player with huge knowledge and a true expert in branding and image with a very strong dedication to work. She was fantastic to work with and if you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Roxane is your woman! She was a key part of our senior management team and was always very proactive and motivated. Roxane has a unique blend which allows her to be deadline oriented combined with great sense of humour. When you get to connect with her, you'll discover an amazing person with unique skills!”

CFO/Finance Director
Audio Video Unlimited

“Working with Roxane has been a great experience for all of us. She is very dedicated and thorough in her work. She has great communication skills in all aspects (spoken, written, presentation). She also has a very creative mind paired up with artistic talent and current professional design softwares knowledge. She is very congenial and will not hesitate to share her views on ideas and projects that can help the company move forward.”

Bruno Fontaine
VP IT Systems
Audio Video Unlimited

“During my time as a Graphic Designer at Audio Video Unlimited, I worked closely with Roxane in the Marketing Department. She was a professional, motivated, and detail oriented manager. She had excellent organization and time management skills, ensuring all our projects were on track and on budget. Roxane was easy to work with and got along well with everyone. Her efforts would be greatly valued at any company.”

Angie Lau
In-house Graphic Designer
Audio Video Unlimited

“Roxane was our contact for all things advertising, brand and image oriented at AVU. I found her to be very creative, a good communicator, and always open to input regarding the projects we were focused on. Roxane usually seemed to be coordinating multiple projects, both short and long-term, in various departments, and yet always found the time to expedite our company's needs, which were normally deadline-driven. I would recommend Roxane for any position that she felt passionate about.”

Lindsay Lipton
Liptons Audio Video Unlimited

“I had the pleasure of working with Roxane for a number of years whilst we were both part of the AVU family. I found Roxane to be professional, organized, detailed in every aspect of presentation and very personable. I would welcome the opportunity to have Roxane as part of my team at any time.”

Mike Daybell
Kootenai Audio Video Unlimited

“Roxane is very efficient, helpful and responsive. In my past dealings with her I have found her to be extremely competent and pleasant to deal with. Given the opportunity and need I would not hesitate to hire her.”

Rob Eyers
Live Wire Audio Video Unlimited

“Roxane was a pleasure to work with, she produced excellent artwork, and very detailed, well appointed material in a timely manner. I could always depend on her to produce what I was looking for. She had a very good ability to tie together theme, colour and design.

Thanks Roxane, Trev”

Trevor Thomas
Owner, Store Manager
Muskoka Audio Video Unlimited

“I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Roxane Leigh. As the VP of Branding & Image at the corporate head office of Audio Video Unlimited. I have known Roxane for approximately three years and feel that she is a deserving candidate for your business. Roxane leads by example and many people have found her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. As part of the executive management team, Roxane has worked hard to build authentic relationships with the employees & partner store owners. I believe Roxane exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to business managers in today’s world. I highly recommend Roxane Leigh for your business."

Robert Guy
General Manager
Langley Audio Video Unlimited

“Roxane was an excellent client of mine as a buyer of retail flyer/inserts in that she was very organized and detail-oriented in providing the information needed to produce a dealer-based program for a national chain of stores. She also dealt calmly and efficiently with problems as they occurred. Pleasure to work with as her feedback was realistic and practical.”

Dave Dorozio
Sales Exec
Quebecor World Web Press
(Vendor, Audio Video Unlimited)

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Roxane. Beyond her strong marketing knowledge and know-how, she has great vision and determination. Roxane delivers a joy for work and embraces the value of partnership. I would certainly recommend her, as she would be a key addition to any results-driven marketing team.”

Dennis Villagomez
Sales & Marketing Manager
PDQ Post Group
(Vendor, Audio Video Unlimited)

“Roxane was a pleasure to do business with. Always upbeat and friendly. Even when juggling many projects under heavy deadlines.”

Michael Kagan
Account Manager
Ultratech Printing Ltd.
(Vendor, Audio Video Unlimited)


Clairmail was a mobile banking software provider based in San Rafael, CA with an impressive portfoio of some of the largest financial institutions in North America. Rated in the Top 3 US mobile banking software companies, Clairmail was aquried by a large UK corporation in June 2012 and became Monitise Americas.

My three years at Clairmail / Monitise was spent in the Adoption department, researching and developing Best Practices and analyzing the competitve lanscape for our clients. The following are a collection of kind words from supervisors, colleagues, and team memebers..

“I worked closely with Roxane for close to 3 years and was always impressed with her dedication and commitment to delivering on time. We had dozens of prospect and customer presentations every quarter and Roxane was KEY to having the right material at the right time. Her work was instrumental in the sales process and was used in front of the largest banks in North America on a regular basis. She lived and breathed mobile banking branding and promotion. I would happily work with Roxane again and highly recommend her!”

Dave Galloway
VP Customer Advocacy
ClairMail / Monitise Americas

“A written recommendation for Roxane is like looking at a pencil drawing of the Mona Lisa. It lacks the true colour, true depth, and true composition of the subject. Now working with Roxane... that's like working alongside Leonardo da Vinci as he painted the Mona Lisa. I marvel at Roxane's creative perspective and her attention to detail. She understands and communicates complex technologies in ways that reflect brilliantly across a wide spectrum of audience – sales, engineering, product development, marketing, and beyond. Staff, customers and partners adore her work. And it will endure in their minds and mine indefinitely.”

Sean Mulvihill
VP Sales and Marketing Operations
ClairMail / Monitise Americas

"Roxane was a key contributor of one of our customer facing teams that enabled Clairmail and then Monitise to differentiate our offering in a highly competitive market. Roxane's efforts directly contributed to our ability to maintain a market leadership role for the last 5 years. Roxane gathered best practice mobile banking implementation and feature knowledge from across our internal teams and through market research. This information was then utilized by our customers to build their mobile strategy and roadmaps utilizing the market and best practice information delivered by Roxane. She is a great team player and a definite value add for any company looking to build out their mobile strategy and/or perform complex market research."

Ed Ponte
Senior Vice President
Strategy & Advisory Services/Technical Sales
ClairMail / Monitise Americas

“I collaborated with Roxane on Mobile Banking enrollment and usage analytics. She was a pleasure to work with. She has strong attention to detail and presentation skills. I would highly recommend her.”

Conor Manton
VP of Customer Support & Software Sustaining
ClairMail / Monitise Americas

“Roxane is a true professional. She has always come through for our team with value added content in a very timely fashion. She can filter through massive amounts of data with extreme efficiency. It is a pleasure to work with someone that you can absolutely count on.”

Alex Rousseau
VP Strategic Accounts
ClairMail / Monitise Americas

“Roxane and I have worked together over the last few years, her attention to detail, analytic and strategic thinking skills have proved invaluable during this time to help our clients compete within their market. Naturally creative with a knack for the written word she also possesses a personality that typically eludes the creative type. Multifaceted, she is an asset to any organization, she is a great find.”

Craig Curley
VP Strategic Accounts
ClairMail / Monitise Americas

“Roxane had been a great resource to us in the Sales organization. Her research and deliverables in support of sales pursuits has been stellar. She is a terrific member of the team.”

Michael Brent
VP Sales
ClairMail / Monitise Americas

“Roxane delivers very detailed work which was critical to the sales process and supporting our customers. Always on time, always over delivering, always making a difference.”

Jeff Bernard
Regional VP of Sales
ClairMail / Monitise Americas

“I had the pleasure of working with Roxane for nearly three years at Clairmail / Monitise. Her work was consistently top-notch and provided tremendous value to our financial institution customers. Roxane’s analytical skills are impeccable, and her findings are always presented clearly and concisely. She is also extremely personable, very professional and always willing to lend a hand. She would be an outstanding asset for any organization, and I highly recommend her.”

John Aquino
Senior Marketing Manager
ClairMail / Monitise Americas

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Roxane at Clairmail. She brought a refreshing perspective to Adoption and was someone that cultivated relationships internally to bring the Adoption team to a new level. Roxane is professional, timely, and very detail oriented. She is a great partner to collaborate with and provides great insight to research and analytics.”

Dinna Davis
Director, Staffing and Human Resources
ClairMail / Monitise Americas
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