April 2012

Client: Ronaye Michel, PTS NWS
Posted on June 2, 2013

Logo Development

Choosing the direction of the logo development was easy. Not only does Ronaye train runners, she is an avid runner herself, so it made sense to reflect that in her brand. A simple figure showing movement added to her name completed the look. She also wanted to make use of the reverse side of her business cards by offering an incentive to new clients.

Introductory Sessions Poster

Ronaye also needed a poster that she could add to bulletin boards in the local gyms and rec centres. Shown here is an informational piece using a client success story as a way to show the possible results of her work.

Website Design & Development

Ronaye's website showcases her skills & certifications, client success stories, testimonials, and all the different training programs she offers.

Client Photos

We required a few candid photos to include on Ronaye's website so we set up a shoot to capture her in action. You can view some of the results below.

Client Photo Samples

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Project Details

Ronaye Michel, PTS NWS

Ronaye Michel is a Certified Personal Trainer located in the Vancouver area. She required brand development, a new logo, promotional materials, photos and a website.


Ronaye Michel, Personal Trainer

Lower Mainland, BC
(604) 996.9882

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