June 2013

Client: Earth's Best Water
Posted on August 1, 2013

Earth's Best Water Holdings Logo Development

The owner of Earth's Best Water Holdings had a very specific idea of how he wanted his new corporate identity to look. Together, we worked through a few different versions before it evolved into the final version you see here.

Relief Rescue Water

Earth's Best Water needed help preparing a label for a new brand in their line of bottled spring water. The owner gave me a pencil sketch of the concept as a place to start.

One draft later, he was thrilled with the results!

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Project Details

Relief Rescue Water

Earth's Best Water needed a logo and help preparing a new brand for their crystal clear spring water. Relief Rescue Water will soon be shipped to Haiti in hundreds of 5 gallon containers.


Earth's Best Water

Harrison Mills, BC
World Sales:
(604) 313.6278

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