Turn your brilliant ideas into realities!

How many times have you doodled your latest great idea on a napkin over a business lunch, only to have that napkin sit in purgatory under a pile of stuff on your desk? How many napkins do you have lying around, just waiting for the opportunity to become something big?

You know your business better than anyone, so when you have a great idea it needs to be developed! Many of the people I work with have incredible concepts that they are unable to fully put into action, simply because they lack the time or the skills required to bring it to life.

Your napkin doodles are just the first step in what can become a beautiful piece of graphic work, or your next successful marketing strategy.


A quick trip through Craigslist is all it takes to confirm that the world is full of Graphic Designers, and you will likely find the reason why some designers discount their services so deeply. You can also guarantee that if you ask your friends and colleagues, they will know someone who knows someone who can use Photoshop. Hiring your coworker’s nephew is usually a bad idea, so how do you choose a designer?

Your first priority should be to find someone who really “gets you”. Yes, they should have a portfolio full of gorgeous work, whether they are self taught or have years of training, but if they can’t make the leap from your chicken scratch doodles to an accurate, fully rendered and useable design, then your relationship is destined to be a frustrating one.

I believe that design is about much more than artistic talent. It requires an innate ability to understand what a client really wants, sometimes with very little guidance, combined with the skill to execute.


Once you develop your brand, it is important to make sure that brand is carried through all your marketing efforts with consistency. Everything from your office or storefront, right down to your latest Tweet should reflect your personal image in a uniform way. Your brand is how your customers will recognize you, relate to you, and build a long-term relationship with you, so it should be at the heart of everything you do.

Never underestimate how important your brand is. Just look to retail giants like Apple or Nike. When you see their products or one of their ads, you recognize their style before you even see the logo, and you have an instant emotional reaction to it based on your relationship to that brand.

I can work with you to create and develop your brand from ground zero, or work within a company brand that has already been established to produce designs that are harmonious.

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Recent Projects

Earth's Best Water
August, 2013

Earth's Best Water is preparing a
new brand for their crystal clear
spring water. Relief Rescue Water
will soon be shipped to Haiti in hundreds of 5 gallon containers.

July 2013

QMUNITY's LGBTQ Resource Centre
in Vancouver is getting ready to take
full advantage of the promotional and fundraising opportunities available at this year's Pride Parade.

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